LightScript is a "light" (read minimal) script that does one thing and does that thing well; Sets the screen brightness based off a value given in percent. It has the following features:

Compatability & Support

Lightscript only has 1 dependency, and that is bash. It should be compatible with any linux-system really, but it was made on ArchLinux x86_64 and has a supported package in the Arch User Repository, as well as a wiki-entry on their official Wiki. The script also has a thread on both reddit as well as the ArchLinux forums where it can be discussed.

If you want to install this script on any other system(non-archlinux), I suggest you download the sourcefiles from the downloads below and extract it to /, and (optional) make a symlink to

ln -s /etc/lightscript/ /usr/bin/light


Download 0.3.7Latest
Download 0.3.6
Download 0.3.5
Download 0.3.2
Download 0.3.1
Download 0.3